Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Want $250 in FREE Jewelry??

I LOVE to shower people with jewelry, but I love it even more when I get to shower them in FREE jewelry!  ESPECIALLY $250 in FREE Jewelry!!!!

Every customer of mine is entitled to know that I've just been granted the ability to gift everyone who holds a show (catalog/in-home/internet) December 20th - January 2nd with $250 in FREE jewelry for only $25 (with a minimum $200 in sales).  Even better - with $600 in sales, I will pay the $25.  Do you know 10 people who will place a $20 order with you for beautiful, quality jewelry?  Wait, theres even more.  For each order that you get, you will also get an additional $20 per order in free credit?  How does that sound?  Want more?  Get 10 or more individual orders?  I'll double the $20 per order to $40 per order in free credit!  So, heres the math, $250 out of the gate for hosting + $400 for 10 individual orders = $650 in FREE CREDIT!!!  And with the opportunity to earn $40 per order after 10 orders, the skys the limit.  Get 20 orders, get a $800 credit + $250 for hosting...WOW!!!!!  Want more??  How about these extras:
  • FREE RING (Up to $100 value) with $300 in Net Sales
  • BOGO Hostess Only Items with $500 in Net Sales
  • 4 Items at 1/2 Price
How can you say no!!!  There are also great deals for your customers:
  • Customers who place a net order between $30 and $59, and purchase ONE $12 Bonus Item may select a SECOND Bonus Item (valued equal to or less than their order total) for FREE!
  • Customers who place a net order of $60 to $89, and purchase two $12 Bonus Items may select a THIRD Bonus Item (valued equal to or less than their order total) for FREE
  • Customers who place a net order totaling $90 or more & purchase three $12 Bonus Items, may select a FOURTH Bonus Item (valued equal to or less than their order total) for FREE
Don't delay - get started collecting your order now.  Contact me for further details

Speaking of FREE Jewelry, don't forget to enter the giveaway here.

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